Jun 20

Self-Destruction in Poker by Chad Brown

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Chad Brown talks about money management, self-destruction, and bankroll strategics. Chad is a great example of a not-so-talented poker player doing well for himself in gambling. He’s showing that intelligent and responsible gambling can put less talented players on the map. His wife, poker pro Vanessa Rousso also testifies to that, and they’re both great examples for young players if you ask me!

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Apr 9

Planning a Vegas trip? Manage your money!

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This guy isn’t saying much you don’t already know, but it’s great to hear this more every once in a while. He discusses money management less than he gives practical tips too – and that’s great. Yes, set aside a daily budget and a budget for the whole trip. Yes, know what to expect when you’re playing a specific game, and yes, focus on the here and now!

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For example. When I’m striking out in the Vegas poker rooms, I like to head to one of the Las Vegas Strip Clubs to blow off some steam. It’s not cheap – but it’s better than losing thousands when I’m not playing my best. When expectancies are bad, I look for a way out – that’s also money management.

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Mar 20

Phil Hellmuth talks about Financial Conservatism

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The ever so gracious (lol) Phil Hellmuth talking about money management, financial conservatism, … but also advertising some of his products, his web site, and so much more… No way this guy will over go broke, but he’s so much more than a gambler, he’s a capitalism-junkie!

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