Nov 1

Lee Markholt on Bankroll Management

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Lee Markholt is one of those professionals a lot of people haven’t even heard of, but in the LA and Las Vegas scene, this guy is respected for being one of the most consistent cash game players at the high limits for over two decades.

What Lee is great at it is controlling emotions. He doesn’t resort to playing blackjack, he doesn’t make the mistake of hitting the roulette tables – which is fine for you and me – but, in his words: “if you want to become a professional poker player, these are leaks, and you have to avoid them”. That’s something Belgian poker pro and tournament director Kenny Hallaert has definitely picked up from Lee. Kenny knows he’s a poker player first, not a gambler, and that what makes both him and Lee so successful at this game.

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Sep 23

Bryan Devonshire: Bankroll Management is Underrated

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Bryan Devonshire talks about the importance of bankroll management. He admits to being lazy, but obviously, he’s been very succesful by sticking to the most stringent of bankroll management rules.

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Aug 23

Alec Torelli on Variance and Bankroll Management

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Alec Torelli is one of the most skilled online poker players. He doesn’t give any real bankroll management tips, but he does discuss why gambling smart is so important, and why you have to kind of think like the casinos do.

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Take Alec’s word for it. He’s been known to beat up the likes of Tom Dwan and Joe Cada on a regular basis – so he knows his stuff!

Jun 20

Self-Destruction in Poker by Chad Brown

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Chad Brown talks about money management, self-destruction, and bankroll strategics. Chad is a great example of a not-so-talented poker player doing well for himself in gambling. He’s showing that intelligent and responsible gambling can put less talented players on the map. His wife, poker pro Vanessa Rousso also testifies to that, and they’re both great examples for young players if you ask me!

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Feb 11

Phil Laak on No Limit Hold’em Bankroll Management

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This guy isn’t a true bankroll management genius, but he is one of the most intelligent gamblers I’ve ever talked to. Last year during the World Series of Poker, I was discussing money management with him, and he was extremely fascinating. He knew what he was talking about, he gave me some great practical tips, and even though the geeks might not share his views, Phil Laak has been highly successful in gambling without being a truly “great” player…

Respect, Phil!

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Jan 1

Daniel Negreanu is not a great example…

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Very succesful poker player Daniel Negreanu is openly talking about Bankroll Management in this educational video. I’m a big fan of Daniel – and I love the fact he’s openly admitting to not always being as solid as he should have been…

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