Identifying a Gambling Problem

Gambling should be a source of fun and entertainment. It should be a choice that someone makes willingly and not impulsively. Gambling responsibly means only taking out enough money to gamble with and no more. Rationing money is what gambling is all about because a person can end up losing their life savings if they do not have a plan or a source of control that tells them when it is time to hang it up. Most people take out a certain amount of money and tell themselves that this what they have to gamble with and they can take out no more.

If a person feels that they may be headed for trouble when it comes to a gambling addiction they can start to control it by only take the cash that is on them. Bringing credit cards along while gambling is a source of enticement that can be too much for many people to handle. Casinos have ATM machines throughout their casinos. Las Vegas Strip PhotoIt is far too easy for people to take out a few hundred dollars from their bank account and lose it within minutes. Most banks only allow a certain amount of money to be withdrawn from an ATM machine, so this protects many people from taking out thousands of dollars from their account in one night. However, when I was talking to Jeff from, he explained that most credit cards can always be maxed if a gambler really wants to do so – plus, if the urge is there, the problem is there.

Leaving credit cards at home will give people some sense of control while they are gambling. Once they lose the money that they allotted to themselves; they will know that it is time to leave. People who win at gambling can get a natural rush from the high of winning. This is what causes a gambling addiction to start. They are more addicted to the winning more than they are the gambling itself. When people are on a winning streak they believe that it will last forever. They begin to lose their sense of reality when they win for awhile and then end up on a losing streak where they end up losing all of their money. They tell themselves that they will just do better next time. This type of rationalizing is dangerous because people are no longer thinking logically.

People who are lonely can also become addicted to gambling because they find solace and companionship with gambling. They enjoy the atmosphere of the casinos and gambling soon becomes their best friend. For most gambling addictions the only source of help is will power and counseling. Gamblers Anonymous is a wonderful support group of other gambling addicts who are trying to kick the habit. dice and moneyBuying scratch offs at a convenience store can also become an addictive habit. When people spend loads of money every day buying scratch offs hoping for that winning ticket it can create problems when people do not have enough money for their bills, food, and rent. When people begin to become depressed because they are more worried about not having enough money to buy scratch offs that is when a gambling addiction starts.

Online gambling can be just as addictive because people end up using their credit cards and bank accounts to gamble with. The best thing to do is to fight the addiction before it actually gets starting. Knowing what to look for and being aware of how a person reacts while gambling will give them a heads up on whether they may have a problem or not. Seeking help and counseling, plus their own will power to change is the only way that they can face their addiction head on and beat it. To learn how to gamble responsibly keep on reading on

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