How to Get Help For a Gambling Addiction

Addiction to gambling is a disorder that relates to an impulse to gamble. Neurotic gambling is a compulsive act that is hard for people to control. People who know that their gambling is becoming a problem and may be hurting their family and their financial future are still unable to stop gambling due to the impulse that they are unable to control. When gambling becomes the only thought that they wake up with in the morning and the only thought in their head when they go to sleep at night means that the person has a gambling addiction. The consequences of gambling no longer matter to the neurotic gambler. Most people who are not addicted to gambling know when to stop, but neurotic gamblers will continue to gamble whether they are broke or not. Many gambling addicts resort to stealing money from loved ones, or have even committed robbery crimes to get money to gamble with. By the time an addiction reaches this point it is out of control.

A gambling addiction can become a disruption to a persons life. The person does not need to be completely out of control to have an addiction. If a persons life is becoming disrupted due to their gambling that is the first signs of an addiction. Getting help at this point is much better than waiting for it to completely take over the persons life. There are many myths about gambling that can be misleading. Some people believe that a person is not addicted to gambling if they have the money to gamble with. Money has nothing to do with an addiction. Just because a person has the money to gamble with does not mean that they are not addicted. People who have other disorders, such as depression can end up making a gambling addiction worse when they use the addiction as a source of medication to make them feel happier inside.

There are many sources that can help a person with a gambling addiction. Before a person can get help they have to come to terms with their addiction. They will need to admit that they actually have a gambling problem in the first place. There are many online gambling quizzes that a person can take to find out if they have an addiction problem. Even by taking these quizzes and finding out that they do have a gambling problem will not automatically make someone face their gambling problem. Hitting rock bottom will also not make someone face their problem. When a person hits rock bottom they can sometimes become even more desperate and out of control. Admitting a gambling problem is something that needs to come within inside the person. It is when they see that they can no longer go on the track that they are going on. This is when they are finally facing their demons. Gambling problems can create havoc in relationships. When a person has lost everything including their money they have more than hit rock bottom. Support and treatment will be the only recovery to get them back on track again.

The best place to start for all gambling addictions is through the National Council on Problem Gambling. The place has a hotline where the person can remain private. Calling the hotline number will give a gambling addict the needed support from experienced counselors who can point them in the right direction. Most cities and states have support groups for gambling addicts just as they have support groups for alcoholics. Gamblers Anonymous are support groups that can be found in most places. Having a support group of other neurotic gamblers can help a person to feel less alone in their addiction. There are programs through the Gamblers Anonymous that can help them with twelve steps to beat their addiction. There are also treatment centers and counselors that can help a gambling addict. Counselors can help to get to the source of the gambling addiction and turn it around. Treatment centers are there to help the person along in beating their addiction.

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