Are All Gamblers Addicts?

Not all gamblers are addicts. There are thousands of casinos all over the world that bring in millions of people who are not gambling addicts. Casinos can be a stimulating place for anyone to travel to. People love casinos for many assorted reasons. Some love the atmosphere of the place and others love playing the different card games and slot machines with the chance of becoming victorious at winning. The money that they win is an added bonus. It is usually just the thought of winning at a game that has most of the odds stacked against them that creates the entertainment that people enjoy. Most people do not use casinos as a source of winning money in order to pay their bills. The majority of casino players end up losing their money more than they win, but it is the draw of winning extra money that can excite people. Other people love learning how to play the games at the casinos. Learning at black jack can be a source of entertainment for many. slot machineSome people get a natural high from winning a game and receiving money, but others have become depressed when they played the games and lost money that they really needed. It can be a source of fun for some, but a source of despair for others.

It is the seduction and elation that can create an addict. When a person succumbs to the seduction and ends up on the gloomier side of addiction it can create havoc for the rest of their life. Addiction can cause destructive behaviors. Most gambling addictions start out as an experience that was pleasurable enough for them to try again and again. However, once the stimulation of gambling becomes a full blown craving, that is when the person is headed for trouble. It is when gambling outmatches anything else in their life that the addiction has become out of control. What once started as a pleasurable experience for just a passing fancy turns into regular visits to a casino. People who are not gambling addicts do not feel a compulsion to gamble. They are able to stop when ever they want to stop. They have always just seen it as a source of entertainment and nothing else. People can become addicted to gambling whether they win or not. Some people may believe that it is that first win that creates the addict, but it is more the thrill of gambling that entices them. The money that they win becomes the prize for their addiction. The loss of money becomes their punishment. When addicts lose money to gambling they just see it as a competition to win it all back the next time. Steve from Poker Money is the Best Money, a professional poker player, says one of the main things he had to learn was accepting losses as a loss, and not forcing himself to win it back in a given timespan. When you gamble, you’ll lose at some points, even if you’re really good at it. Learning to deal with that is vital to stay clear of addiction.

Regular gamblers who attend casinos do not see gambling in this way. Most people are actually afraid of betting too much money on gambling. This is called responsible gambling. It is when they know that they can only afford so much on a game of gambling that they can force themselves to stop. Casinos have a way of making people lose track of time, and it can also make them lose track of money if they are not careful. Most gamblers end up losing a lot of money, but it is only money that they allowed themselves to bring to the casino. The rest of their money is safely locked up in their bank.

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